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Condo Insurance in Arizona

Featured Content Condo

Condos make excellent alternatives to owning single-family homes. They have smaller square footage which makes maintenance much cheaper, and you do not need to worry about landscaping. Like homeowners, condo owners in Arizona must take out a condo insurance policy to protect against losses. If you are looking for a new policy, Wishwell Insurance Brokers is your agency for finding condo insurance.

Why Take Condo Insurance

Many condo owners assume the condominium association coverage protects their condos against losses from theft, water damage, or vandalism. The truth is the policy covers commonly owned property. It does not provide compensation for water damage to your home, break-ins, or fire damage. Also, when it comes to loss assessments and unit improvements, the building's coverage does not apply.

Typically, a condo association insurance policy covers the building's roof and siding and common areas like pools and hallways. It is also called a master policy. It often covers standard fixtures, floors, and bare walls within each condo unit. The policy protects your personal property and the interior of the unit in case of damage.

Also, if you or your family members get injured or damage somebody else's property, you're guaranteed liability coverage. Our condo insurance includes liability coverage to help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses if you're liable for damaging someone's property accidentally. However, this coverage doesn't apply if the claim involves common areas. For example, if a guest slips on the stairs and breaks an arm, the condo association insurance isn't liable.

Where to Get Condo Insurance in Arizona

Want to protect your condo from sudden losses? Purchase condo insurance from Wishwell Insurance Brokers in Peoria, AZ. You've already invested so much buying the property ⁠— it's only fair to keep it safe. Call us today! Our representatives are ready to take you through the available condo insurance options.

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